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Wash Process

Simply drive up to one of our convenient Cruzin Express Car Wash self-pay stations and choose your wash package. Our state of the art advanced pay stations are very user friendly. Their purpose is to allow the customer to quickly make the decision as to which wash package or monthly plan to purchase. They are designed to provide a 2 to 3 second transaction approval time. One of our friendly team members will always be available if you need any assistance with the pay station or have questions regarding our wash packages.

Fast Pass Customers

If you are a Fast Pass customer, drive up to the pay station and your vehicle’s Fast Pass windshield tag is read by the Fast Pass reader at the gate. The gate will automatically open for your access to drive to the wash entrance.

Then a team member will guide you onto the wash conveyor. To your left in front of the entrance there will be signage that will indicate for you to put your vehicle in Neutral, take Hands Off Steering Wheel, and Foot off Brake. Also, be sure to Cut Off your Automatic Wipers and Automatic Radio Antennas Down. After entering the wash, a series of technologically state-of-the-art equipment will do the rest of the work in about 4 minutes or less. Cruzin Express Car Wash is not only fast, but also simple and convenient to give you a Clean Car FAST!

CRUZ in Dirty, CRUZ out CLEAN!

How It Works

It's Easy

You can sign up and pay with the credit or debit card of your choosing. You will then be an Unlimited Monthly Cruzin Club Member and a Fast Pass tag will be applied to your vehicle.

It's Fast

When your vehicle needs washing, just proceed to one of our Express Pay Terminals. Your windshield tag will be verified, and the gate will open to access the drive to the wash entrance.

It's Convenient

Just come in whenever you would like to wash your vehicle. Your credit or debit card will be automatically billed the first of each month.

It's Smart

Frequent washing protects your vehicle’s finish and maintains your vehicle’s value. Saves money compared to buying washes on a per wash basis.

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