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What Customers Are Saying


I can literally go wash my truck every day if I wanted to with the unlimited wash plan. The convenience to swing by there any time I want and know it will only take a few minutes is pretty awesome.

- Donnie Bell

Not only do I like to get my car washed at Cruzin', but it's turned into a family outing. My kids love the colorful soap and all the moving parts that wash the car. It always turns out super clean and of course my kids love the free vaccuums!

- Courtney Pugh

I love having a clean car, and I used to wash it myself all the time. Now that I've got kids, I don't have an hour to do nothing and just wash my car. With Cruzin', I know I can swing by a get a fast wash and it'll come out as clean as when I did it myself. Plus, I get the use the free vaccuums that makes me feel like I'm doing it myself. The time savings I get with Cruzin' is priceless.

- Neal Breeding

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